Thursday, October 27, 2011

Shahi - A visual dictionary

Here’s a nice little site for kids who are visual learners:

Shahi is a “visual dictionary” site that combines definitions from Wictionary and images from popular image search engines like Flickr, Google, and Yahoo!


This gives kids both a traditional dictionary-type definition alongside images to help make the definition more concrete. It might a very nice resources for kids who need that visual reinforcement for comprehension.

Clicking on highlighted terms in the definition will open a new Wictionary window, allowing kids to diverge and delve deeper into the meanings of words. Clicking on an image will open the web site where that image is posted.

In our District, Flickr & Yahoo (which uses Flickr for its galleries) are blocked by our filtering policies. Students would need to be coached to use the Google tab, as indicated in the screenshot above, to get the visual support. There is also a drop-down menu to the right of the site’s search window that will allow users to select Google as the default display, and this setting will remain the next time you visit it.

CAUTION!  Google’s search engine, for example, allows one can set the “Safe Search Filtering” setting to “Strict” in order to remove any results that might contain inappropriate language or images. I was unable to find any documentation regarding the use these sites’ filtering policies, or if your computer’s current Safe Search settings will carry-over and filter the results you might get through this site. I would therefore suggest kids use this site under direct supervision of a teacher whenever possible or appropriate.

Shahi - A visual dictionary | Blachan Lab

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