Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Math Pickle: Put your students in a pickle encouraging genuine problem solving!

I learned about this site from iLearn Technology. Please visit the blog for a more detailed explanation.

imageOne of the big concerns I’ve heard expressed about the change in our state from our current Illinois Learning Standards to the National Common Core State Standards is that it will require that we “move” many of the concepts we are currently teaching to earlier grades. This means that Algebra and Geometry concepts, as just one example, will need to be taught to students at ever-earlier grade levels. How do we teach our students ready to think abstractly at such early ages?

Along comes Math Pickle. This Web site offers a number of video-based Math challenges for students at all grade levels (K-12). Some are unsolved/unsolvable problems, some have distinct answers. They all promote grade-appropriate (at least as far as the Common Core Standards might be concerned) Mathematical thinking skills – many with cross-curricular connections – to help stimulate student problem-solving skills in students in your classroom.

For more information, please see: iLearn Technology » Blog Archive » Math Pickle: Put your students in a pickle encouraging genuine problem solving!

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