Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Clean Those Filters, Please!

Suggestions from the District #205 Technology Department:

The SMART Board projector's air filter is a small but vital part that will help keep your classroom activities running smoothly. Just like the air filter or oil filter in your car, the air filter next to the lens on the projector must be regularly maintained. Please help extend the life of the projector in your classroom by cleaning the filter regularly, and never operate the projector without a clean, dry filter installed!
  • Every 10 hours or once each week (whichever comes first), when the projector is off, simply remove the filter and gently shake it or blow air across it to help remove dust, dirt, or debris, please. Do NOT rub the filter - this will stretch or break down the foam filter and render it useless. Make sure you re-insert the filter in the same direction it was removed. Once again: Never operate the projector without a clean, dry filter installed.
  • Once every month when the projector is off, in addition to cleaning it as described above, please remove the filter and hold it under gently running water for a more thorough cleaning. Do NOT rub the filter or use any soaps or cleaning products. Shake any excess water from the filter and allow it to COMPLETELY air-dry before reinserting it. Don't forget: Never operate the projector without a clean, dry filter installed. 
If you would like assistance in learning how to perform these simple tasks, or if you have any concerns about using technology tools in your classroom, please submit a Tech Help Desk request by typing the word support into the address bar of a Web browser on your classroom computer.

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