Tuesday, May 24, 2011

YouTube 101: How to Upload

So, you have a video of your class activities that you'd like to upload to YouTube and share with the world...


Please remember that school personnel are subject to very different rules about student privacy & confidentiality than the general public. 

Have you:
  • Checked with the office to make sure it's okay to publish the image of every child who appears in the video? Even in wide-angle crowd scenes? Even in profile?
  • Made sure that no student with an IEP appears in the video without expressed written consent from a parent or guardian? (This is another reason why you must check with your Principal)
  • Notified parents of your intention to publish that video on a site like YouTube, giving them the opportunity to opt-out?
  • Considered setting up "Private Sharing" so that you can send the video's URL to parents/ guardians directly, helping to ensure that Internet predators can't access it?
  • Made sure your video does not contain copyrighted music/images?
    • Remember: What you can share with kids inside your classroom as part of instruction is not the same  as what you can share with the world through the Web!
Once all these hoops have been jumped through, here's how to upload that to YouTube. 
  • (Other sites have similar abilities, but always make sure you have covered the four items above, first!)

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