Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Where Did My Tax Dollars Go? Demystifying Federal Taxes and Government Spending

Where Did My Tax Dollars Go? is an interesting site to help students learn how their parents’ tax dollars are used by the government to provide services for the people. 

Simply enter a figure for annual gross salary & wages, and the site calculates the standard deduction and the taxes due/paid.  The site goes a step further and creates a pie chart showing what portions go to various federal funds.  (Only 3% goes to Education, Training, Employment, and Social Services, by the way.)  Clicking on a section of the pie chart drills deeper into details about where that money is spent.  (Only 0.3% goes to Special Education, and another 0.3% goes to Accelerating Achievement and Ensuring Equity.  Sheesh…)
Screenshot from http://www.wheredidmytaxdollarsgo.com/

This is similar to a site I blogged about in March called What We Pay ForWhat We Pay For displays considerably more detailed information in table form for users, and would be more appropriate for older students.  Where Did My Tax Dollars Go shows a bit less detail, but in an easier-to-understood graphic format, and would be more appropriate for students in the middle grades.  Both sites are valuable resources to help students learn about taxation and government.

Thanks to Free Tech For Teachers for the tip on this web site.

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