Friday, May 27, 2011

R-word | Spread the Word to End the Word

Last night I saw this Public Service Announcement (PSA) on television. The thought, “It’s about !@*% time” came instantly to mind, and I decided to look into it in more detail.

(Fair Warning: The video contains some slap-you-in-the-face language - to drive home the point - that some find inappropriate.)

This has been a pet-peeve of mine – and countless other educators, I’m sure – for years. Somehow over time a clinical term describing a real and serious condition has turned into a derogatory term that has spread throughout our culture. According to this study, 92% of kids hear the R-Word used commonly, but in most cases fewer than half of those kids will do anything about it when they hear it. Walk down the hallways of any high school or middle school, and you’ll hear the term thrown about and accepted as “normal” by kids everywhere.

It’s terrible.  And it has to stop.

Thousands of like-minded folks have banded together to develop a campaign & Web site called R-Word: Spread the Word to End the Word. The group has been quietly growing since 2008, and the PSA above is finally helping the movement gain national attention.

So What Can We Do About It?
R-word | Spread the Word to End the Word

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