Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Skyward RTI Module Coming to District #205!

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District #205 Teachers:

For quite some time we have been anxiously awaiting the long-rumored release of Skyward's RTI module.  It was released from beta-testing sometime during 2010.  It appears that Districts using Skyward are slowly taking notice of it and some are beginning to consider it for adoption.

During the past school year, District representatives have attended several Skyward RTI demonstration events, both locally and regionally.  After much discussion in several District committees and LOTS of questions, we are happy to announce that Galesburg will soon adopt Skyward's RTI module District-wide for the 2011-12 school year.

We believe that this new feature will offer a wealth of valuable information in a timely fashion to our District's teachers.  Among the features that drew us to this tool are:
  • No need to learn a new interface, like a spreadsheet or some new web site. 
  • Data remains secure - no more wondering if you're looking at the latest version of a spreadsheet, etc.
  • Progress monitoring data can be graphed automatically within the Skyward interface
  • Future ability to enter classroom learning events/assignments for progress monitoring (this feature probably will not be available when we launch it, but we're told it is being developed and will be available down the road a bit)
  • Ability to view nearly any assessment data (including ISAT, PSAE, ITT, AimsWeb, etc.) with regular uploads
    • Don't worry - classroom teachers won't have to upload anything - we'll take care of that for you at the District level
  • Most of our RTI referral & documentation forms can be completed & viewed electronically within Skyward
  • When students move from building-to-building, their RTI data will be available to you as soon as they appear on your class roster, and the same information will be available in the same format for each child, regardless of what building they've come from
  • Students' tier status will be communicated to teachers via specialized "flags" that will appear next to their names in the Roster and Seating Chart views (like you see when you take attendance).  Simply click a student's name to view their Profile and access more detailed information, including suggested intervention strategies (coded for confidentiality)
  • ...and more...
This is not meant to be a comprehensive listing of all of the things that you'll be able to use through Skyward to help kids through the RTI process in your classroom, of course.  The purpose of this post is to simply let you know in advance what's coming.  We've already begun working out details for local implementation, and will continue to do so throughout the summer months. 

Kim, Mike, and I will be coming around to each building during our early-release days in August to walk you through the changes and field any questions.  In addition, specific building-level contact persons will receive specialized training before school starts so you'll have someone "down the hall" to go to with questions, too.

We know there are lots of details to manage before this is launched within our District, and we appreciate any questions or suggestions you might offer. Please feel free to send your questions about Skyward's RTI module to me at any time, and I'll route them to the appropriate persons for answers or consideration. (Send questions via email to mjacobson<at>galesburg<two><oh><five><dot>org)

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