Science Fix: Video demos and experiments

Spent a little time geeking out today!  I stumbled across this post on iLearn Technology about Science FixScience Fix is a video blog of various experiments, demonstrations, and assorted science-y what-not. Here’s one example

I also liked the Food Science videos, including recent posts on making chocolate pop-rocks and making watermelon caviar.  Awesome!  What great ways to stimulate interest in science and encourage exploration in a classroom!


What a great idea for using video in a classroom!  First, if you’re short on resources this would be a quick, prep-free, mess-free way to demonstrate various concepts in your science classroom.  Also, wouldn’t it be great to have kids perform the experiments and record them with a Flip camera, etc., to do a Science Fair Video Log (or “vlog”), etc.??

Many thanks to iLearn Technology for the heads-up on this vlog!

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