Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Outlook Web App – What’s up with our Web mail?

Recently all District users were switched over to the Microsoft Outlook Web App – otherwise known as your Web mail.  The first time you log on, you might have freaked out a bit (like me) because it does look different.  Don’t panic, though.  There are a few simple things that can help ease the transition.  Here’s the first, and it’s pretty simple. 

Conversations View

The Conversations feature groups all replies, forwards, etc., into a single “threaded” view to help make your Inbox appear a little easier to manage.  However, a number of teachers have told me they do not like the “Conversations” view – apparently all the red circles and lines and what-not (called “Conversation trees”) next to names in the list of messages can be confusing.  If you don’t like this view there’s a very simple way to turn that off:
  • Log in to your web mail. 
  • Click View 
  • Uncheck Use Conversations by clicking on it.
WebAppViewThis should help return your Inbox view to something more like what you’re used to, and it should remain that way until you tell it differently. 
If you don’t mind the Conversation view but still find the little red “trees” distracting, try one of these tricks:
  • Click on the little triangle right next to the email in the list of messages.  Doing so will “collapse” or “hide” your view of the Conversation tree on that message.  OR
  • Click View
    • Select See more Conversations options
    • Uncheck Match the sort order of the Reading Pane in the lower-right corner.  This will automatically de-select the Show Conversation trees option, so the little red circles & lines will no longer appear.
    • Click Save
Unfortunately, there is no way to “go back” to the old version, I’m afraid.  However, see if the trick above helps the new look “feel” a little better. 
Next week: Themes

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