Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Cisco To Shut Down Flip Video Camera Business

FlipMuch as I love our District’s Flip Video Camcorders, they are now a dying breed.   

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According to many recent news stories, including this one, Cisco – which recently bought out Pure Digital’s Flip Video Camera manufacturing, etc. – has decided to shut it down.  They’re not selling it, they’re just closing up the Flip camera shop.  Period.

In my opinion, the Flip cameras were perfectly suited to classroom use.  They’re super easy for kids to use.  They are very intuitive – big red button under the view screen starts & stops recording.  The software installs automatically, quickly, and easily.  Plus, it had one feature that particularly appeals to this veteran middle school teacher: it is the only camcorder I’ve found that does NOT use a removable memory card – the only thing that kids with sticky fingers might swipe would be the AA batteries!

The writing was on the wall, though.  Cell phone cameras are quickly taking over the small personal camera market.  Point-and-shoot cameras – those little autofocus doodads that many of us take on vacation – are not far behind.  Fortunately, most of those also take full-motion video, too, and tend to have better optical zoom capabilities.  These features seem to be extending the usefulness of point-and-shoot cameras a bit longer than camcorder-only units.

If you would like to purchase a Flip camcorder while they’re still available, I highly recommend going through the Digital Wish website. Here you can buy TWO CAMERAS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE! Of course, these are the plain-Jane Ultra models, but they work just fine.  If you would like the sleeker, more stylish models or personalize your camera, you’ll have to go through the Flip Video web site instead.  (Avoid the Flip Slide – stick with the Ultra or the Mino.)

Cisco To Shut Down Flip Video Camera Business; Will Give Pink Slips To 550 Employees

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  1. Just heard the following comment about Flip video cameras in the classroom from a Galesburg elementary school teacher:

    "The fifth graders in my class just tried taping themselves reading using the flip videos. How fun and motivating for them to read aloud! "


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