Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Online Plagiarism Checker, Duplicate Content Finder - Plagiarisma.Net


Plagiarisma is a free online check for plagiarism.  If you have a digital copy of a student’s work – let’s say a Word document or something like that – simply highlight & copy the text, pull up Plagiarisma, and paste your copied text into the box on the left.  You can select Google, Bing, or Yahoo as your search engine. You can also upload entire documents (TXT, HTML, RTF, DOC, DOCX, ODT, AND PDF files are supported).  The site will display the search results on-screen, or it can generate a downloadable PDF of your search results so you can either save it or print out a hard-copy to give to the student – or show to the the student’s parent/guardian for the inevitable parent/teacher conference that’s sure to follow!

The Down Side

I intentionally copied a post from an existing blog and entered it into Plagiarisma.  The site took the text apart sentence-by-sentence and returned how many times that sentence appears somewhere on the Web, along with the URL so the teacher can look it up and make the final determination.  I received the most results from Google and Yahoo.  Bing thought the text was unique, however. 

The other disappointing feature is the limitations set on the free site.  You can only search a handful of times each day on a free account. Unfortunately, because of this I was unable to test the document upload feature – it locked me out until a different day.

The Verdict

While Plagiarisma doesn’t look very user-friendly at first, it is actually super easy to use. It would be great for that teacher who occasionally raises an eyebrow when grading student work and wonders, “Is there a quick way to check out this passage?”  However, if you need a free online plagiarism checker to power through all of your student’s mid-term reports, keep looking.  Plagiarisma will be happy to allow that for a price ($10/month, or $99/year), but you can only do about a half-dozen or so at a time on the free side.

I learned about http://Plagiarisma.net from Technology Tidbits: Thoughts of a Cyber Hero


Online Plagiarism Checker, Duplicate Content Finder - Plagiarisma.Net

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