Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Image from http://www.kleinspiration.com/

Erin Klein recently wrote a Guest Post on iLearn Technology about the life of a non-tenured teacher.  She discusses what it feels like to be RIF’ed during the early stages of her career and the steps she’s taken to bounce back.  It has happened to many of us, myself included, and it’s never fun.  It’s a good read – have a look!

Turns out Ms. Klein has also started a resource-sharing blog called Kleinspiration.  I have a feeling her blog will be another of my go-to sites when teachers are looking for resources.  She has a number of great ideas, especially when it comes to using technology with elementary-aged and middle-grades kids.  I’ve added her site to my blogroll, at right.

Image from http://www.ilearntechnology.com/

Many thanks to iLearn Technology for the heads-up on this great resource!


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  1. Matt,

    Thank you for the wonderful write-up. I appreciate it very much! Your site looks great. Your review inspired me to do a new segment for my blog... look for it to come out next week: "Tiny Tech Tips." I hadn't thought of my blog as being a k-8 resource... just a teacher resource. However, I guess based on my background and love for elem/middle, I did lean that way. So, I'm starting a new piece (thanks to you!) for k-3 educators, "Tiny Tech Tips." More details to come...

    Thanks again,

    Erin Klein


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