Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The Art Of Storytelling

Image from http://www.artofstorytelling.org/
The Art of Storytelling, from the Delaware Art Museum, allows students to experience art in the context of a story.  It also encourages kids to use images to tell a story, or create images to help tell stories.  Students can create their own pictures or use existing art work to tell their won stories.  Students’ stories can also be uploaded and shared (make sure you gain parental permission and check with your building administration before doing so, however!)

This could be a great project to help you begin incorporating technology into your curriculum.  Many of us already use imagery to help teach creative writing concepts.  This site helps us facilitate that process even more.  It is divided into step-by-step processes:
  • Experience a Story: Read stories told (and “pictured”) by other students.  You never start a project without showing kids what you expect their finished product to be…!  You can search through stories by genre or by the time period in American Art.
  • Tell a Story: This part of the site takes your students step-by-step through the project.  You start by choosing an inspirational selection of 19th or 20th Century American Art, then compose the story, and finally share it. You also have the option of recording a narration of the text if you have access to microphones.
  • Picture a Story: So, some existing piece of art just doesn’t capture the story, huh?  Maybe you have kids who think they’re “just not artists.”  No problem – go the other direction with it. Choose a genre and create an image to support it from a library of backgrounds, characters, and props.  Then tell your story and share it through the site. Again, students who have access to microphones can record narrations of their text here, too.
While the connections to Fine Art and Art classes is quite obvious, this site could also be a valuable resource for Social Studies and Language Arts teachers.  The site focuses on encouraging students to develop their writing skills in a variety of genres.  There are many lesson plans available for teachers to read and download for use in upper elementary, middle grades, and high school classrooms!  The only downside to the site I found was that there does not seem to be a way to save one’s work at the site, so the computer work would need to be done in one sitting in the computer lab.

I found this site at Kleinspiration

Image from http://www.kleinspiration.com/

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