Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Storming Juno

Image clipped from http://www.stormingjuno.com/
Storming Juno is an amazing site from History TV (the Canadian version of The History Channel) about the experiences of Canadian troops during the June 1944 D-Day Invasion. 

The site begins with a striking intro to "hook" the kids, then takes the user to a panoramic near-3-D artist's rendering of what the Juno landing area at Normandy may have looked like the day of the landing.  Clicking-and-dragging around that image bring the visitor to various links.  These links then show a brief clip from the docu-drama, "Storming Juno," followed by interviews with veterans of the Canadian infantry, paratroopers, marine commandos, medics, tank crews, naval officers & seaman, as well as French citizens, all of whom actually experienced the fighting on D-Day.  

Using the menu on the left-hand side of the page you can also access extra features, like a guide for educators and a clip of the only known video footage of soldiers exiting a landing craft on Juno beach the morning of June 6, 1944

Clearly, this would make for a captivating teacher-led experience for students in a SMART Board-equipped classroom.  It is absolutely stunning!

According to the web site, the docu-drama "Storming Juno" originally aired November 11, 2010, and is scheduled for release on DVD sometime in February 2011.

I learned of this site through Larry Ferlazzo's most excellent blog.

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