Monday, January 17, 2011

The Innovative Educator: Tech Doesn’t Make Us Illiterate. Not Embedding it Into Instruction Does.

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 My two-cents-worth: I firmly believe that good instruction has always occurred regardless of the technology tools available to teachers.  Good teachers know how to select tools – currently available or emerging tools – that support high-quality, authentic, and relevant instructional activities to help prepare kids to be successful in tomorrow’s society. 

This post, from the Innovative Educator, warns about the dangers of misusing or poorly implementing technology tools into classroom activities.  Technology was never meant to take the place of good instruction or thoughtful implementation.  Throwing technology at a problem or a lesson in your classroom will not solve anything.  Professional development is essential.  It is vital that teachers take the time to learn about the technology tools that our kids are using and spend time talking with kids and other educators about how to develop lessons that incoporate these tools into relevant and authentic learning experiences. Technology is there to help teachers adapt good lessons to help kids be successful in their future, not our past.

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 That being said, this former Geography teacher may soon have to embrace that talking box on the dashboard that tells me to “turn right in 200 yards,” but it won’t ever stop me from teaching my kids how to read a paper map first! Smile

The Innovative Educator: Tech Doesn’t Make Us Illiterate. Not Embedding it Into Instruction Does.

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