Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Free Technology for Teachers

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Richard Byrne, who writes one of my favorite blogs – Free Technology for Teachers – has recently published a series of “11 Things to Try in 2011.”  The goal is to help encourage teachers to incorporate free technology resources into their regular classroom routines.  From the list below, teachers could probably find something useful for a current project or other classroom activity.  Have a look!
  • 11 Things You Should Know About Blogging – helpful tips for the beginner or the seasoned blogger.
  • 11 Foreign Language Resources to Try in 2011 – Many of these would also be good for ESL/ELL, including Forvo, Wordsteps, LanMedia, Voxy, Repeat After Us,  iMendi, Open Culture, Culturally Authentic Pictorial Lexicon, LingusTV, Hello World, and 22 Frames.
  • 11 Health & Phys Ed Resources to Try in 2011 – Many of these resources would also be applicable to Family & Consumer Sciences, Science, and Social Science classes, including Sugar Stacks, Get the Glass, Cool Food Kids, Nourish Interactive, Fat World, Ad Decoder, National Geographic Secrets of Sleep quiz, Snag Learning’s The Family Meal, Scrub Club, Google Maps (for mapping walking or bike rides), The Health Hut, plus some bonus activities!
  • 11 Mathematics Resources to Try in 2011 – Several of these might be appropriate for Science classes as well, including Brain Nook, Learn Your Tables, Ten Marks, Yummy Math, Web 2.0 Calc, Math Open Reference, Math Maps, Math Live, Conceptua Math, 38 Week Algebra Curriculum & 38 Week Geometry Curriculum, and Plus Magazine.
  • 11 Language Arts Resources to Try in 2011 – Several of these could also be helpful for ELL/ESL teachers, including Wordia, Visuwords, Idiom Dictionary, Canadian Adaptations of Shakespeare Project, 22 Frames,, Books Should Be Free, Google Docs, Thumb Scribes, AdLit, and 60-Second Recap.
    • I’d like to add in my personal favorite, Google Lit Trips – which helps readers follow along in a story or novel in Google Earth! 
    • Let me know if you’d like to make your own – I can show you how!
  • 11 Science Resources to Try in 2011 – Some of these resources might also be useful in Health classes, and include Sumanas, Celestia, Chemical Education Digital Library, Hey LHS Kids, The Periodic Table of Comic Books, U of Penn Health System’s Video Animations, Google Body Browser, Knotebooks, Micosoft Research’s WorldWide Telescope, Shape It Up, and NDSU’s Virtual Cell Animations.
  • 11 Social Studies Resources to Try in 2011 – Many of these would also be helpful to a Language Arts or ELL/ESL teacher, including TimeRime, HistoryPin, CommonCraft Show, European Virtual Museum, Scribble Maps, Google Earth (of course), Center on Congress at IU, ChangED, Snag Learning videos, JayCut, and Ten by Ten.
  • 11 Art & Music Resources to Try in 2011 – These also have wide-ranging impact for Science and Social Studies teachers, too, including The Museum of Modern Art, The Getty Museum, Art Babble, SmartHistory, The Museum of Online Museums, Incredibox, Monkey Machine, The San Francisco Symphony’s Keeping Score web site, Science of Music, Classics for Kids, ArtsEdge, plus a bonus TEDTalk featuring Herbie Hancock (WOW!).
    • Again, I’d like to add in my personal favorite online music maker, Soundation.  Free fun, and easy!
As always, please keep in mind that some of these resources may be blocked, or elements of some resources may be unavailable, in our District due to filtering policies.
Free Technology for Teachers

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