Differentiation Using a SMARTboard

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 Differentiation Using a SMARTboard, a SMART Notebook file by Joe Scrivens, contains 23 slides containing examples of how teachers from almost any subject area or grade level might use their SMARTboard to help tailor instruction to the diverse learners in your classroom. 

It would be helpful if some captions or narrations were provided – since they aren’t, the user has to explore and infer quite a bit.  This omission, however, might actually be helpful because it requires the user to think, “What is going on here on this page?” and “How could I use this in my classroom?”  There’s a lot of value here to add to your daily lessons!

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This SMART Notebook file was posted on the SMART Exchange web site, a sharing forum for educators.  SMART Notebook Software must be installed on your computer in order to read the file, or you could download the file and open it with SMART Notebook Express, a free browser-based version of Notebook software.

Read this interview with differentiation expert Dr. Carol Ann Tomlinson for even more ideas about differentiating instruction in your classroom