Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Citizenship Quiz — History.com

Almost a million people from other countries become US citizens every year by taking and passing a test on American history and civics.  Prospective citizens take classes and are given a list of 100 possible questions about United States history, governmental structure & political system, geography, etc.  When they’re ready, applicants are given only 10 of the questions from the list of 100 to answer correctly in order to become U.S. Citizens.  The process is called “naturalization.” The History Channel asks:
  • Could your students pass this test?
  • Could YOU pass this test? (the questions are kinda tough!)
The History Channel is inviting schools to develop their own activities related to the Citizenship Quiz for students in grades 5-12.  They have posted several ideas about how you might use the Citizenship Quiz or Test in your classroom, and they encourage you to adapt the activities to share with your particular grade level.  Visitors can also download the entire 100-question study guide (also available in Spanish) and have kids create activities to share, too.  There is also a Road to Citizenship Interactive Game that visitors can play to help sharpen their skills.

These links would be great to help stimulate interest in any US History, Geography, or Civics activity or related class.

THC Classroom — Citizenship Quiz — History.com Interactive Games, Maps and Timelines

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