Monday, December 20, 2010

SMART Live Online Training

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Looking for a way to spend some time learning over Winter Break?  SMART offers a number of Live Online Training courses to help you learn how to use your SMART Board and its various hardware and software components.  All you need for most of the sessions is a computer with an Internet connection and a telephone that you can also use simultaneously during the 30- to 75-minute demonstration, so you can learn at home over Winter Break in your flannel jammies & bunny slippers!

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Courses include (all times Central):
  • SMART Board Basics - Every Monday @ 11 am
  • SMART Notebook 1: Getting Started - Every Monday & Wednesday @ Noon
  • SMART Notebook 2: Enhancing Your Skills - Every Monday & Wednesday @ 1 pm
  • Using Lesson Activity Toolkit - Every Wednesday @ 2 pm
  • SMART Notebook Math Tools - Every Friday @ 9:30 am
  • SMART Response (Senteo clickers) - Every Wednesday @ 10:30 and every Thursday @ 4 pm
  • SMART Slate - Every Friday @ 11 am

I've "attended" a few of these sessions, and they are very good - at least as good as a webinar can be.  The trainings are focused on creating or using something that you can apply directly to your classroom practice, so you won't feel like its a waste of your valuable time.  I don't know how the Holidays will affect this schedule, but its an ongoing FREE opportunity for you, so keep it in mind for other times of the year, too.

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