Monday, December 6, 2010


Interactives, from Annenberg Media, contains a wealth of resources for students in all grades and subject areas.  Most of the Math & Science activities are geared toward middle grades and high schoolers, but a few of the Language Arts & Social Studies activities are appropriate for elementary-aged kids as well. I've previewed a few of the activities - the sites are well-done but a bit text-heavy, and some of the links are small - you'll want to use the site with kids who have good dexterity & hand-eye coordination, and who aren't afraid to do some reading.  There are few "games" here - these are high-quality web sites, though much of the learning is focused on the lower & middle ranges of Bloom's taxonomy.

Their interactive online activities include (with suggested grade levels):
  • Math
    • Geometry - 3D shapes (6-8)
    • Math in Daily Life (9-12)
    • Metric Conversions (6-8)
    • Statistics (9-12)
  • Science
    • Amusement Park Physics (9-12)
    • DNA (9-12)
    • Dynamic Earth (7-9)
    • Ecology Lab (9-12)
    • Garbage (9-12)
    • Periodic Table (9-12)
    • Rock Cycle (7-9)
    • Volcanoes (9-12)
    • Weather (9-12)
  • Arts
    • Cinema (9-12)
  • Language Arts
    • Elements of a Story (2-5)
    • Historical & Cultural Contexts (9-12)
    • Literature (9-12)
    • Spelling Bee (all grades)
  • History
    • Collapse (9-12)
    • Middle Ages (9-12)
    • Renaissance (9-12)
    • US History Interactive Map (5-8)

Many thanks to Galesburg's own Kim McGuire for the tip on these activities!

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