Monday, December 20, 2010

Filter Search Results by Reading Level

Many thanks to Richard Byrne of Free Tech for Teachers for this tip!

If you use Google to find classroom resources on the Internet, you can filter sort your search results by "Basic," "Intermediate," or "Advanced" reading levels.  Here's how:
  • Visit
  • Type in what you're searching for & click "Search" or hit the Enter key
  • Once your Search results are displayed, Click the Advanced Search link beneath the Search button
  •  On the next screen you can refine your search results.  Under Need more tools? you'll see a drop-down box next to Reading Level
  •  This will let you choose to:
    • Annotate results with reading levels - You'll see all of your search results analyzed overall, along with a note on each of your individual results 
    • Show only Basic reading level results
    • Show only Intermediate reading level results
    • Show only Advanced reading level results

This could be a great tool for teachers who are looking to develop classroom activities with materials at reading levels appropriate to their students.

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