Monday, November 29, 2010

Museum of Modern Art

The Museum of Modern Art has a great web site for teachers and great web sites for kids.

The MoMA web site for teachers contains teaching guides and lesson plans that can be used with resources available from their website.

Destination: Modern Art is designed for younger children (ages 5-8 or so), allowing them to explore modern art and artists, tour a virtual museum, and learn to look carefully at art and the influences of the world on artists.

The Red Studio is designed for teens (middle school and high school students).  Red Studio contains
  • Behind the Scenes looks at artists & staff at the museum;
  • Remix, an interactive collage site;
  • Fauxtogram, making virtual photograms or camera-less photographs;
  • Chance Words, a site that allows users to make a Dada-ist poem (yeah, I had to look that one up, too.)

Wow!  See, pretty cool site, huh?

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