Monday, October 11, 2010

National STEM Video Game Challenge

 The National STEM Video Game Challenge is about game design, not racking up the highest scores on HALO.  The National STEM Video Game Challenge encourages middle school students interested in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics ("STEM") to develop and create an educational game to help kids of any age learn more about science- or math-related topics.

Don't just pass this off as some "techie-thing," however!  There are 2 categories: electronic and paper, and they are judged separately!  And, of course, middle school students are judged separately from video game developers as well.  The prize pool includes laptop computers, software, and other prizes to support student inquiry into STEM-related interests.

Kids can use simple (and free demo) versions of video game design software, like Scratch, GameMaker, and GameStar Mechanic.  There are fewer parameters posted for paper-based designs, so check back to the National STEM Video Game Challenge site for details as they are released.

I learned of this post last week from Free Tech for Teachers.

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