Monday, October 4, 2010

American History Google Tours

America 1

Wow!  If you are a Google Earth user, this site is for you!

WW Norton has published 10 Google Earth Tours to accompany their college-level textbook series.  However, you don't have to have a copy of the book to access these Google Earth Tours - simply download, install, and enjoy with your students!  Google Earth is a great tool to use in History classes with SMART Boards!

These 10 tours cover pivotal topics in American History, including:

  • Pre-Columbian Sites

  • American Revolution

  • Lewis & Clark

  • Indian Removal

  • Causes of the Civil War

  • WWII Conflicts

  • Civil Rights Movement

  • Vietnam Conflicts

By the way, if you're not familiar with Google Earth Tours, these are collections of "map pins" and other resources that help enrigh your subject area.  Google Earth allows you to create and save these Tours in a special file format that is only read by Google Earth.  Once you have either created or installed these sets of locations & routes, you can click on the place markers to learn more about the location as related to your topic (in this case, American History).

Another one of my favorite site for Google Earth Tours is Google Lit Trips.  This site contains free Google Earth Tours related to literary works, from The Grapes of Wrath to Paddle To the Sea.

Download & Install Google Earth

Google Earth User Guide for Educators - Unfortunately, the Tutorials are videos hosted on YouTube, which is blocked in our District.

Thanks to Free Tech For Teachers for this posting!

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