Interviewing Skills: Story Corps

Story CorpsI first learned about Story Corps from Free Technology for Teachers, and then saw a similar post on the Proud Principal blog.

Story Corps is a non-profit organization that records & shares interviews with people from all walks of life.  Sometimes they are even aired on National Public Radio

They have a great how-to video that plays through their Vimeo channel.

If you have your students conduct interviews as part of a class project (or if you'd like to start), you might find this a useful addition to your personal "Teacher Toolkit."

I recommend Audacity for a free recording program.  Instructions for downloading, installing, and using Audacity can be found on my website's "How Do I?" page.  If you need recording equipment (headphone/microphones, webcam, voice recorder, or FLIP cameras), send me an email and I'll help you set something up.