Monday, August 16, 2010

Facebook for Dead People

Facebook DeadI love it!  This post, from Free Technology for Teachers, provides a ready-to-go lesson idea to get your kids thinking about History. 

(In a previous life, I attempted to teach Early American History to 7th graders.  You'll note on my About page the effect those 12 years had on my hairline!  But I digress... :) ) 

The project described in this post would be a great way to integrate a middle school or high school History class (or a character study in a Language Arts or English class) with technology skills and popular culture.  It is a ready-made project template that asks a student to select a figure from history and create her/his Facebook profile, create a few wall posts, etc. 

And the best part is: you can do it even though Facebook is blocked in our District!  All you have to do is log in to the free GoogleDocs file and download the template! 

Plus, you don't even need an internet connection - kids could do this using (gasp!) paper and pencil, too!  Sweet!

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