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Free Technology for Teachers: Thursday Tech Tip Video - Video Sub Plans.

Here's a great suggestion from the folks at Free Tech 4 Teachers.  Next time you know you'll be away from the classroom, try making a video of yourself introducing your sub, reminding students of your expectations while you're away, or even instructions on what kids are supposed to do while you're away.  It will help reduce any ambiguity that sometimes exist in that situation, plus it gives your sub that often-needed support directly from you. 

(As someone who has spent a lot of time subbing, followed by 15 years in a 7th grade classroom, believe me - something like this would have been a great help!)

Of course, this wouldn't be a very practical approach toward handling an unexpected absence due to sickness, etc., but it might be a nice approach if you know ahead of time that you're going to be gone during an important project, the day of an assembly, or some other instance when clear and concise instructions from you are needed.

  • "Class, remember the talk we had after the last time I was gone? You know, after the classroom aquarium was filled with soda pop and sub had been duct-taped to the ceiling?  Let's try to avoid that today.  Instead, here's exactly what I expect you to do..."

Remember:  District #205 teachers have a number of FLIP Video camcorders for you to use with your classroom!  Send me an email or drop by my office and I'll check one out to you!

Please Note: The post linked above suggests a couple of sites to which you can save/post the video for all to see, but some of the suggested videos that pop up after yours is finished may not contain content appropriate to all classrooms.  I'd suggest posting to Teacher Tube or School Tube instead.

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