Thursday, May 20, 2010

Pre-Recording Lessons Provides 1 on 1 Time

j0432552 Here’s a great blog post about Recording Your Lessons To Increase 1-on-1 Time in your classroom.  This can be done quickly and easily (at home or at school) using the Recorder feature in SMART Notebook Software.  The blog post discusses emailing videos to students – this would take place in a school with a 1-to-1 laptop computer classroom, which is not available in District #205 at this time.  However, putting the email idea aside for a moment, this technique could be very useful in any situation where students are asked to perform a task after receiving guidance/instruction from a teacher, such as:

  • Primary: teaching a handwriting lesson, art lesson, etc.

  • Later Elementary:  creating a Power Point presentation

  • Middle Grades: the first dissection activity (owl pellets, frogs, etc.)

  • High School: a myriad of ways!  Think about Drivers Education, Vocational Education, Science classes, Mathematic procedures, etc.

This technique could allow the teacher to start the video and move around the classroom to check for understanding, provide guided practice, etc.  (Perhaps a more advanced student could help start and stop the video playback for the teacher…)

DIGITAL LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS: Tools and Technologies for Effective Classrooms

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