Sunday, March 21, 2010

Blog Tools, Blogging Software & Website Editor | Windows Live Writer

Live Writer If you use a classroom blog with your students, you might want to consider downloading and installing a tool called Windows Live Writer.  This tool works great with many popular blogging platforms (BlogSpot, WordPress, EduBlogs, TypePad, LiveSpaces, etc.) and makes posting to your blog much simpler and more straightforward.

The interface “looks like” a melding of your blog platform and Microsoft Word.  In some cases it appears to offer a simpler interface, and easier ways to insert pictures, videos, maps, etc., than the standard blog interface.  (It even offers photo-editing tools that are completely absent from some blogging platforms.)  There’s even a plug-in for Internet Explorer, so you can publish a blog entry about a website directly from your surfing session!  And, since it’s Microsoft, it works almost seamlessly with Word, Excel, etc.

Blog Tools, Blogging Software & Website Editor | Windows Live Writer

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