Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Music Resources, Social Studies Resources, CSI, and Other Ideas

Churchill Junior High School: Here's a project that is unique to our district - Book Review Podcasts!  Find the animated video book reviews at the bottom of the page - they're awesome!

Mind Maps: Bubbl.us is a neat tool to help teachers and students create and manipulate mind maps and graphic organizers online.  This would work great with a SMART Board!  Many thanks to Matt Warnsing at Nielson Elementary School for the tip.

Here are some great Music Education resources I've run across recently:

Amy Burns' Elementary Music Tech Blog - with a link to her 100 Best Music Ed Blogs!

Soundsabound - royalty-free music designed specifically for educational uses. 

  • Please remember: "Royalty-Free" DOES NOT mean "Copyright-free."  You should still cite the artist's work when using this or any royalty-free resources (music, photo, video, etc.), especially if you plan to publish them in any form.  Posting on a web site or blog is publishing when people outside your classroom can view or access it!

National Public Radio's Jazz and Blues Page - need I say more?

Dallas Symphony Orchestra for Kids has some very cute interactive resources for elementary kids, as well as a lesson plan library for teachers!

iNudge is an online music generator that lets kids create sounds and rhythms.

Other Interesting Links:

CSI & Tech WITH 3RD GRADERS! Look at what 3rd graders can do with just a camera and an Internet connection during a great "teachable moment." 

Consumer Education: Visit the FTC's Virtual Mall to help teach kids to be better consumers.

Teach History With These Comic Collections - This blog post at Instructify, by Bill Ferris, highlights collections from The Ohio State University  and The University of Nebraska.  Here are some other Political Cartoon sites I've used in my American History classrooms, in a past life...

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