Monday, December 28, 2009

Keyboarding & Typing Resources

Keyboarding & Typing Resources

Recently several people in our district have been asking when we teach typing and keyboarding skills to our students.  This concern was reinforced by our recent Technology Surveys completed by parents & community members, teachers, and administrators. 

Currently, the only formal/traditional typing classes are taught by the Business Department at GHS.  We have a draft Technology Skills Matrix, which suggests that students be able to meet a very basic & rudimentary typing standard which we set ourselves.  A number of teachers are using online resources to supplement their current curriculum to help achieve this local standard. 

Other Resources In Use In District #205:

Other Ideas for Keyboarding/Typing Skills:

Many have suggested that more teachers be hired to address these needs in the elementary schools.  However, funding to sustain such an effort simply does not exist.  While we will continue to ask for these resources, we must ask classroom teachers to fill this gap in the interim.  Please feel free to use these resources to help support your students' use of technology throughout their elementary, middle, and high school experiences!

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