Monday, November 23, 2009

November 24

Monarchs In Space! Have a look at what our Gale 4th graders are doing by watching this news report from KWQC-TV 6 (Davenport, IA).

Click here to learn more about Monarchs in Space.

Online Keyboarding & Typing Resources: Our recent Parent Technology Survey indicated that a number of our District parents would like to see their students learning how to type at ever-earlier ages.  While we cannot expect every teacher to rush out and get a Business Teacher's certificate or Typing endorsement, there are lots of resources available to kids for free that could go a long way toward filling this need.  Here's a great post from Instructify listing a number of different online typing/keyboarding tutorial sites.  Keep in mind, though, that this is not intended to take the place of good instruction in appropriate techniques and habits by a qualified and professional educator, though!

Creating SMART Holiday Lessons: Here's a great post at Techers Love SMART Boards to help you integrate your SMART Board into holiday activities.

SMART Boards = Smarter Kids? Here's an article from SchoolCIO reporting on phenomenal jump in standardized test scores resulting from the district-wide implementation of SMART Boards in one North Carolina school district.  Have you hugged your SMART Board today? 

Library/Media Specialists: Here are 14 ways that Library/Media Specialists can teach about/with social media from Tech & Learning magazine.

Virtual Field Trips: Check out Leanne Hinton's blog project, Field Trip Fridays With Mrs. Hinton.  Leanne teaches 2nd Grade at King Elementary School.

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