Monday, November 2, 2009

Have You Been Shmooping?

No Shmoop for You?  We've got to change that!  Visit SHMOOP for lesson activities for all grade levels in Poetry, Literature, US History, Civics, Music, Reading.... Whew!  You're sure to find something to Shmoop up your classroom with just a few Shmoopy clicks!

Larry Ferlazzo's Best Sites forLearning About Veterans' Day - To quote Stan Lee: 'Nuff Said

Ready for Conferences?  Read the 10 Things Parents Don't Tell Teachers 

Visited the Illinois State Museum Recently?  Their web site has lots of ready-made lesson plans with tech support to enrich your lessons!

H1N1 (Swine) Flu Links: This New York Times Video is slightly dated, but gives an excellent explanation of what's going on.  The BBC Q & A page has a nice text listing of similar information.  Have a look at the CBS News Interactive "Fighting the Flu" for a nice clickable tour of information.  BrainPop on Swine Flu is a great site filled with videos and activities to help children learn about and prevent the Flu, and even has some good old fashioned paper-and-pencil activities for your kids!

Daylight Saving Time Explained, on Free Technology for Teachers, by the CBS News Sunday Morning Fast Draw Team.  Sorry about the ads - Media... can't live with em, can't live without em...

NaNoWriMo - November is National Novel Writers Month! Read more about it in this blog post by Bill Ferris

FFA Rocks!  Check out the fun at the National FFA Channel on SchoolTube - vids from the recent National Convention and more!  Keynot speaker is hilarious!

More Video Lesson Plans - The Annenberg Media Teacher Resources site had lots of info and ready-made lesson plans, many including short video clips for support.  And guess what - many are closed-captioned, too!  Just look for the "VOD" icon!

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