Monday, October 26, 2009

October 27

Tips from Microsoft:  Computer seem to be running slower than you'd like.  Try some of these tips on Working Faster on Slow Connections.  Email got you down?  Read through these simple 7 Steps to Organize Your Inbox.  Personally, I use the flags on nearly all of my follow up tasks - these are very valuable tips!

Monday, October 19, 2009

October 20

Autumn LeavesGreetings all!  Thanks for the feedback from our recent Institute Day!  Generally, the comments were very positive - quite a surprise when working with data!  While we can't please all of the people all of the time, we do read those evaluations and will try to keep your comments in mind as we schedule activities for you next year. 

Tech Curriculum and Internet Safety Resources: Did you know that all schools are required to teach internet safety to children?  Here's Galesburg's collection of Internet Safety Resources to will help you satisfy this mandate.

Robotics in Education: Did you know that District #205 has travelling Robotics Kits? Last spring, we purchased 4 Lego MindStorms NXT Robotics kits for you to use with your physics, science, Industrial Technology, or computer programming classes or clubs. Send an email to me and I'll hook you up with them.  Here is a great listing of Robotics resources from Larry Ferlazzo.

Digital Photography Kits: The District also has a number of still cameras and FLIP video cameras for you to check out and use with your classes.  Again, send me an email and I'll put you on the schedule!

Looking for a way to jazz up your web site, blog, wiki, or even worksheets or handouts?  ToonDoo will allow you to create a one-to three-panel cartoon strip which you can then embed into your site or electronic document!  Keep in mind that all of your cartoon creations can be kept private or shared with the world.  While this could be a neat way to entice reluctant writers in your classroom, create a political cartoon, or use in a student article in a school newspaper, some of the public cartoons that are shared on the site may use language that is less-than-appropriate for many classrooms. (I found 2 in my quick perusal of "Most Viewed Cartoons" that used a few 4-letter words that, accoding to my personal interpretation of the First Amendment, would NOT be protected in MY classroom!)  However, if you share my artistic disability, this might be a nice teacher-only tool for you to use!

Missing the Sun as Fall rolls on?  If you're studying the sun and planets, check out The Sun In Motion.  This would be AWESOME on a SMART Board!

Cabin Fever?  Virtual Field Trips are the instant cure!  Here is a list of 5 awesome virtual field trips, from iLearn Technology, that you can incorporate into your classroom activites!

SMART Halloween resources: Here are some great  resources, fromthe Teachers Love SMART Boards blog, for use with all those SMART Boards for Halloween.  It also includes a link to a Halloween Clip Art Gallery.  Obviously, these would be a bit more appropriate for P-5 or so, but some of the sound files, etc., might be fun to help make a secondary classroom a bit more ghoulish, too.  See last week's post for an extensive listing from Larry Ferlazzo, including historical context for Halloween, etc.

Dia de los Muertos: The Smithsonian's Latino Center has a great web site to help students learn about more about Mexico's "Day of the Dead."

Halloween History: The History Channel on Halloween.  Great site for delving into the history of the celebration.  Might be a bit creepy for the itty-bitties, but good stuff for the middle & high school age kids who are interested...

Monday, October 12, 2009

Resources for all levels, plus "You Don't Need an iPod"

Did you know that You Don't Need an iPod to listen to a podcast?  That's what Uncle Seth tells me... (Since we can't watch the YouTube links from school computers, Visit Here and click on the free download link to listen all you want.

Columbus Day Resources from Larry Ferlazzo

Columbus' Darker Side, from

Columbus Day Video, from the HistoryChannel &

Halloween Resources, again from Larry Ferlazzo

Tsunami Resources - ABC news report, plus an interactive site explaining how a tsunami is formedCNN on tsunamis.

KERPOOF is a great site to introduce kids to do-it-yourself movie making - from Disney!

Drivers Education Resources.  Here comes Larry Ferlazzo again...

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