Monday, September 28, 2009

Don't Hold Back

Great article on dealing with roadblocks, from Tech & Learning Magazine:

Vocabulary Videos for Language Arts, Reading, and ESL/ELL:  the Word Ahead web site offers an extensive library of audio/visual, flash-card style definitions & pronuciations.  And, if you have your own web site or blog - you can embed a widget that allows kids to search & view from your site!

Explore a Pyramid with a Robot!  National Geographic has developed a neat site that allows students to use a virtual robot to explore a pyramid.  Appeals to the Indiana Jones inside all of us!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Did You Know (4.0)? and Mindset Lists

Over the past several years, Karl Fisch has gotten a lot of press for his work with others (XPLANE, The Economist, Laura Bestler, and earlier Scott McLeod, Jeff Brenman, and Sony/BMG Music) for his "Did You Know? (Shift Happens)" videos.  See the latest version (4.0) at TeacherTube, or view past iterations at the Shift Happens wiki.

Also, for the past 12 years Beloit College (WI) surveys incoming freshmen and publishes an annual Mindset List.  This list attempts to explain how each year's student cohort starts the year with a unique set of experiences that sets them apart from others and from the faculty who teach them.  While our P-12 population may be younger, it certainly helps us gain perspective and set the tone for a new school year.  After you click the link, make sure to use the drop-down menu near the top center of the window to view past lists, too!

Monday, September 14, 2009

September 15, 2009

Here's a quick update on some great web sites I've run across this week

Getting Started with MS Office 07: So you're just starting to get the hang of Office 07, or maybe you are self-taught and wonder if you're missing anything.  Perhaps you want to teach your students how to use MSO07 - here's a great place to begin.  Simple, self-paced, easy to understand, project-based tutorials for the current versions of Word, Excel, Power Point, and Outlook.

Top 10 Most Useful Secret Ninja Tips for MS Office: Just what it says - this article covers super useful hints, like using Format Painter, Using Presenter View in Power Point, etc.

Best Teacher Resources for Online Student Safety and Leagal Issues: From Larry Felazzo, ELL/ESL and Ed Tech guru extraordinairre - 'Nuff said...

Lit2Go: The Florida EdTech Clearinghouse has developed an extensive library of virtual tools, including full text, audio ("read alouds"), and interactive books.  These are great resources for Reading and Language Arts teachers pre-K through 12, searchable by title, author, or subject.

The Virtual Museum of Iraq: I think this may be my all-time favorite web site ever.  Fellow history-nuts, you won't want to miss this!  GREAT for use with ancient or world history classes.

The American Presidency: From the Smithsonian, this site gives a comprehensive and detailed look at how individual Presidents have shaped the role of the office, as well as American History as a whole.  Includes detailed lesson plans, broken out by elementary, middle, and high school levels!

5 Great Online Tools for Art Teachers, and 5 great tools for Math Teachers:  by Bill Ferris from Instructify

Women's Adventures in Science: Great site to help inspire the young women of America to pursue studies in the science and engineering fields.

CSI in the Classroom: Rice University has partnered with CBS to develop interest in forensic investigation through this website, using the popular television show as a hook.

The Classics for Kids: Classical Music for K-5 Students: from Cincinnati Public Radio.  Includes games, podcasts, and other resources to help teach kids about classical music.  Also includes some great lesson plans!

Calculation Nation - Great web site from National Council of Teachers of mathematics, including interactive games that help reinforce math concpets K-12.

Take a (Virtual) Hike: The National Park Service has developed some exceptional resources featuring OUR exceptional resources - our National Parks.  Take an interactive "eHike" or virtual tours, or view photo galleries, multimedia presentations, and even live web cams featuring our natural wonders.  Great for a US Geography class!

Moving Forward - Education Blogs by Subject:  EXTENSIVE listing of blogs with articles for everyone, from administration and ag ed to special ed and world languages.

And, if you haven't read the email sent around earlier, here are more items of interest:

Friday, September 11, 2009


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The idea for this blog it to create an easy way for you to gain access to teaching resources without receiving a bunch of emails.  I'll gather things I run across throughout the week, gather them all together, and post them here each Tuesday.  Visit often, and feel free to email me with items you run across - I'll post them here next week! - Matt

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